Neckless: The Short, Sharp World of Zachary Kanin

TCB-133299What family man can’t relate to the Zachary Kanin cartoon in which a king sits forlornly on his throne and muses to an expressionless guard, “I want to be feared as a tyrant, loved as a father, and revered as a god, but I also want them to think I’m funny”?

With a knack for absurd gags and self-deprecating humor, Kanin is in many ways the new face of New Yorker magazine cartooning. He also numbers among a small subcategory of TNY artists who draw for the magazine to supplement a significantly different day job, which, in his case, involves a steady gig as aSaturday Night Live writer for. He has numbered among the magazine’s most frequently published artists in recent years, with some three hundred published panels representing the current state of gag cartooning while alluding subtly to the tradition’s past masters. Read more at The Comics Journal 

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