Roz Chast: “I’m aware that a lot of people probably hate my stuff. ..”

"Salon" excerpted the Roz Chast chapter from "I Only Read It for the Cartoons."


Salon excerpted the Roz Chast chapter from I Only Read It for the Cartoons:

Where most of the cartoonists profiled in this book had at least one educator for a parent, Roz Chast had a pair of them: Her father, George Chast, was a French and Spanish teacher at Lafayette High School in Brooklyn, while her mother, Elizabeth, was an assistant principal at various public grade schools in the borough. Her parents’ professional interests extended to family life in their Midwood neighborhood. This made Roz, their only child, the beneficiary, willing or not, of her parents’ pedagogical expertise. She recalls being tested by them — often — while attending grade school, simply because “they thought it was fun.” And the fledgling artist enjoyed sharing the experience with her classmates. Read more at Salon …